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Yamaha setzt mit der AVENTAGE Serie neue Maßstäbe im Bereich AV-Receiver. Die Geräte bestechen durch exzellenten Sound, lange Haltbarkeit, viele sinnvolle Features und hervorragende Verarbeitung. Was genau die Unterschiede sind und ob sich der Aufpreis zu einem größeren Gerät lohnt erfahren Sie hier. Viel Spaߟ dabei!


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AV am 10. Januar 2015

Excellent review, great to show some inner looks. Next time please consider
a comparison with previous flagship models.
You see, build Quality of the Aventage line is not near as good as previous
flagships like AZ1 Z9 and Z11 why is "Aventage" marketed as TOTL? Well,
perhaps based on HDMI and networking features, why not leave that to
Cisco/Ericsson. It's all relative and there's a reason why the Z9 and Z11
were relatively expensive compared to the Aventage models. Knobs are now
plastic and flexible instead of made of massive aluminium and sturdy. The
same case/cabinet used for all Aventage models including even the pre amp
TOTL CX-A5000 for efficiency purposes and cost cutting, made in Malaysia
instead of Japan. Shame that Yamaha doesn't produce real flagship DSP Amps
anymore, I used to be a big fan of Yamaha since 1988, DSP-3000, A2070,
AVC-3000DSP and AVM-3000 etc. I'd like an A-S3000 like hometheater Amp
named DSP-Z13! or a AVC-Z13 with combined with an AVM-Z13. By the way why
can't the newly developed A-S3000 be controlled with an iPhone or Android
APP? As if Yamaha believes that the AV world is divided into Hometheatre
enthusiasts who's main interests are features rather than HiFi and HiFI
enthusiasts who's main interests are HiFi rather than features. Why not
have best of both worlds? Integra Research (remember RDA-7.1 RDC-7.1
series) proved that real HiFi and Hometheater could be combined in a
beautifully designed cabinet with 8 mm brushed aluminium frontpanels. Now
for the sake of features (iPad control) I'd have to buy a RX-A3030 and
combine it with a RDA-7.1 ? Hmm perhaps a better pair would be a RX-A3030
with a Sherwood Newcastle A-965. Hervorragende Verarbeitung, yes there's
nothing wrong with the build quality of a Peugeot 508 but somehow it's
different from an Audi A6. Yamaha used to be Audi or Benz, now with
Aventage it's more like mainstream Peugeot or Citroen or Ford etc. they ALL
look the same have the same features and the Mondeo is just a bit larger
than the Focus. I'd like a MB 500SL MfD 2015 or Z13 that really stands out
from the crowd.?


pantiesfuck12 am 02. September 2013

speak english


Jesper Magnusson am 27. Mai 2013

dammit Yamaha!, i wanted 820 but it isnt what the pictures says it was.


Fossi Power am 25. Februar 2013

Perfekt aufbereitet!!!


Sergei Yakouta am 19. Februar 2013

Please have some English subtitels. Would be great. Thanks!


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